You may, or may not be aware that we’ve been working on quite an exciting event here at Robinson College, called Clic+. Clic+ is a brand new show designed to maximise delegate engagement through the content and interactive value of events and will feature keynote speakers, interactive workshops, networking and panel sessions.

We first came up with the idea for Clic+ well over a year ago when we realised that there was a gap in the market for this type of event. But we wanted to make sure we were getting the word out to the right people, which is where marketing comes into place.

So where to start? A logo that encompasses your brand messages is vital; this should be eye-catching as it will represent the event and will appear on all marketing material. A website is also an important step; it should contain all of the information that a potential visitor will want to know. It should be interesting but also easy to use, with biographies of key speakers, a programme of events and a clear indication of how to register.

A targeted newsletter campaign is a direct way to contact your intended audience. By giving the key information, a brief synopsis, a link to the website or registration system, potential attendees will be able to sign up with ease. Although, don’t expect everyone to sign up first time around, quantity as well as quality is key in event promotion.  

Social media will enable you to follow the right people and engage in relevant conversations, with blogging being another great way to raise awareness of your event in an interesting and informative way.    

Thinking of holding the event again in the future? Don’t forget the post-event marketing that will raise interest for next year and enable you to produce great collateral in the lead up to the next event.