Congratulations to our alumna Sara Caputo (History, 2015), the Lumley Research Fellow in History at Magdalene College, Cambridge, who in the past year has managed to scoop up three significant academic prizes. She follows her passion for maritime history and especially the voyages of discovery that have shaped our world and our civilisation and impact our travelling modes and goals today.

The Ideas Prize will enable Sara to publish her first book Tracks on the Ocean for whose proposal she was awarded the prize. The book will describe the influential development of “journey lines”, markings on maps that indicate individual journeys, from Magellan's explorations in the 16th century to the routes we follow on our smartphones today.

Sara has also received The University's Prince Consort and Thirlwall Prize and Seeley Medal, for a historical PhD thesis completed at Cambridge, as well as The British Commission for Maritime History / Boydell & Brewer Prize for best PhD thesis in maritime history completed in the UK in 2019-20.