W1 had an incredible week of racing. A fast start from Newnham II on day 1 saw W1 two lengths behind by First Post. A strong push from 'Binson, however, saw the gap rapidly vanish and the bump was made on Grassy Corner. Days 2 and 3 saw two more bumps for W1, on Christ’s II before the motorway bridge and the LMBC II before First Post. Saturday saw the usual pressure on a crew up 3 and the early indications were not favourable for W1, as a fast bump by Pembroke II on Sidney Sussex ahead appeared to have halted the W1 charge. They say, however, that there is nothing faster than a crew on for Blades and as W1 came past the Plough they were spurred on by the cheering crowds ever closer to Darwin. Digging deep, the reeled them in and secured the overbump halfway down to secure their Blades and finish up 6! A spectacular performance all week from the women and so well deserved. +6 overall.