Libby Jones (Defence, Selwyn), Victoria Braid (Attack, Selwyn), Freya Hufton (Defence, Selwyn), Rose Jump (Defence, Robinson), Penny Brearley (Attack, Robinson), Coral Bays-Muchmore (Midfield, Selwyn, 4 goals scored) Ziyue Yang (Midfield, Selwyn), Elena Cornaro (Midfield, Selwyn, Man of Match), Dominique Aman (Goalie, Robinson), Caitlin Allt (Midfield, Robinson, 1 goal scored), Emma Altmann-Richer (Defence, Robinson, Captain)

Last weekend’s game (Saturday 28th January) saw a brilliant degree of football teamwork on the Jesus pitches. An amazing 5-2 to the Selwyn/Robinson (Selwynson) team!

The game started off very evenly matched, with no subs and the sun against them, they managed to finish the first half at 1-1 against an extremely tough and intimidating opponent.

They came out strong in the second half and really showed what they were made of, putting in two more goals from Coral and a lovely one from Caitlin Allt. Jesus managed to put another one past the Selwynson keeper before a satisfying shot set the final tally at 5-2.

Overall it was an amazing return to the field after long weeks off; the Selwynson team connected up and down the field and it showed in the final score. The defence was able to lock onto breakaways, the midfield transferred the momentum down the pitch, and the strikers were able to put the ball in the net. It was just good football all around. Man of the match went to Elena Cornaro for keeping up her intensity throughout the entire exhausting match, and diving through their defensive line at every chance.

Well done Selwynson.


Emma Altmann-Richer, 2UGrad, Robinson College and Coral Bays-Muchmore, Selwyn College