4pm Sunday 24th - 4pm Monday 25th September (approximately) 

*Please note that this event is entirely free of charge to participants, including all activities and meals. 

Bookings are now open for the Robinson College Women in Science Festival! This is a unique opportunity for female students in Years 12 and 13 to participate in a science extravaganza with leading academics at the University of Cambridge. 

The event comprises of: 

- Talks from several leading female Scientists, mathematicians, and engineers at a range of career stages. This year we are pleased to announce that our Plenary speaker will be Professor Valerie Gibson, the Head of the High Energy Physics Research Group in the Cavendish. She will be discussing her achievements in the context of her pathway into science, and comment on the challenges and opportunities for young women in scientific fields today.

- A science fair with interactive sessions and exhibits from Directors of Studies and Phd students in various scientific disciplines at Robinson College. There will also be the opportunity for visiting students to exhibit at the Science fair and showcase their specific interests in front of other attendees and a panel of judges. 

- Practical sessions in some of Cambridge’s Science Departments

- On the day of arrival there will a meal in Robinson's Dining Hall and evening activities.

Throughout the day you will have the opportunity to chat informally with Fellows and Students about life as a science student in Cambridge and the admissions process. 

We also would like to invite students to present their work at our science fair if they wish. This will be held in Robinson Hall on the morning of the Festival and we would love you to present about anything that has sparked your interest in pursuing an aspect of science at a higher level. Individuals or groups of up to 4 students may apply to have stall, and you may present you interest in any form you like (Demonstration, poster, powerpoint presentation etc.) Judges will circulate around the fair to discuss the exhibits, and prizes will be awarded to highly commended presentations. 

Accommodation and transport is limited so we will prioritise Robinson's link area schools and those from further afield. You will be notified if your application has been successful at the beginning of September.

Groups bookings may be made by teachers on behalf of their students. In these cases we would prefer if a teacher could accompany their group to the event.

For the group booking form, please follow this link.

For individual bookings, please follow this link.

If you require more information or have any specific requests, please do no hesitate to contact the Schools Liaison Officer, Eleanor Humphrey.