Selwynson Women's Football Win 3 - 1 vs Downing!

The first half saw fantastic work in the midfield with shots at goal. Emily and Hayley worked as a team and were able to get in multiple shots but sadly the goalie was too quick. Downing on the other hand were able to get sneak in a goal from a free kick. Other than that the defence were able to keep them at bay with Lizzie and Emma on the wings working hard to move the ball up to the front. Captain Georgina stepped up to fill in for our absentee goalie and did an amazing job. Amongst all of this was Ruby Kwong in midfield keeping it all together.

Second half started with one of our star defenders, charlotte moving back into goal and doing an equally phenomenal job. The team was joined by Nicole who came onto the pitch and almost immediately assisted a goal by Ruby. Georgina, who was now out on the pitch, worked with Alex to deliver the ball to Nicole who scored the second goal for Selwyn. At the back the defence was working to get the ball back up the field for another goal. Amongst those was Jordan who passed it up into the midfield, allowing Hannah and Laura to guide the ball swiftly toward the goal. Maude went straight down the middle and scored the third and final goal for Selwyn.

Hard work put in by everyone and (wo)man of the match goes to Ruby Kwong for her stellar work in midfield!

Team: Georgina Ogilvie (c), Alex Nott, Emily Wright, Emma Altmann-Richer, Hannah Harley, Hayley Johnson, Laura Weston, Ruby Kwong, Jordan Barnard, Lizzy Hartley, Maud Foxley, Nicole Manion, Charlotte Diss