All of our dishes are individually priced - even potatoes and vegetables - so that you can choose how best to spend your budget. We charge on a "pay as you eat" basis so that on each visit, you can decide what to eat and pay accordingly. As well as showing you the individual prices where they apply, we've put together a guide for you below:

Member prices are for members of Robinson College. You will need to show your University Card in order to benefit from these Member prices. For more information, please visit the Paying for meals in College page.


Guests and other non-Robinson College diners are very welcome in our Garden Restaurant and will be charged the non-member prices. The College member must accompany the guests to the till. At the till, the College member may pay for themselves and their guest/s using their University Card in a single transaction. Alternatively guests may pay for their own meal in cash at the non-member price. There is NO additional guest charge.

Breakfast Member
Non Member
Breakfast Special
Full cooked (up to 5 items) & hot beverage OR juice
£2.70 £3.75
Full MEGA Breakfast
Full cooked (up to 5 items), cereals, toast & butter, jam OR marmalade, hot beverage OR juice
£4.10 £5.75
Continental Breakfast Special
Cereals with milk, fresh fruit, toast & butter, jam OR marmalade, hot beverage OR juice
£2.28 £3.20
Egg 42p 59p
Tomato (2 x 1/2) 42p 59p
Baked beans 42p 59p
Hash brown potato 42p 59p
Fried bread 42p 59p
Mushrooms 42p 59p
Bacon 42p 59p
Sausage 42p 59p
Cereals with milk 75p £1.05
Cereals without milk 57p 80p
Orange or grapefruit segments 65p 90p
Fruit juice 40p 56p
Toast and butter 28p 40p
Jam or marmalade portion 30p 40p
Tea, coffee, hot chocolate 78p £1.10
Lunch or Dinner  
Meal Deal
One main course with two portions from: potatoes, vegetable, mini salad and dessert of the day
(Potatoes and vegetables can be substituted with a Side salad)    
Vegetarian Meal Deal
The vegetarian main course with two potatoes or vegetables of the day and dessert
Potato dishes/chips per portion 68p 97p
Dessert 83p £1.16
Vegetables per portion 68p 97p
Side salad (crescent dish) £1.66 £2.30
Soup of the day 75p £1.05
Jacket Potato 80p £1.12
Jacket Potato, each filling from 75p £1.06
Pasta with a topping or Risotto, large bowl £2.70 £3.70
Pasta with a topping or Risotto, small bowl £1.85 £2.85
Snack item - various £1.70 £2.75
Hot and cold desserts 83p £1.16
Cheese & biscuits 95p £1.30
Fresh fruit per item 34p 47p
Bread roll and butter 40p 56p
Bread and butter 30p 40p
Yoghurts 60p 85p
Corner yoghurts 83p £1.16
Milk 500ml 48p 48p
Ice cream £1.05 £1.50
Mini Salad 67p 93p
Full cooked (up to 6 items), croissant OR toast and hot beverage OR juice
£3.48 £4.85
Meal Deal
One main course/Roast dish with two potatoes or vegetables of the day and dessert
Other items priced as for lunch/dinner above    
Emergency Supplies  
250g Cheddar Cheese £1.20  
6 slices of brown or white bread 40p  
500ml semi-skimmed milk 50p  
6 standard eggs £1.40  
Bar Food - Served in College Bar only  

Sunday Evening bar meal no drink

Bar Food (Mon - Fri) Evenings
Freshly filled bagels, Ciabattas and Hot pannini. Prices from
Red Brick Cafe  
Hot beverage menu from £1.50 £2.90    
Paninnis £2.90  
Fresh home-made cakes and pastries from £1.75  
Evening Food £3.80