A Level: A*AA IB: 40-42 points, with 776 at Higher Level

The Modern Languages course at Cambridge offers students a variety of languages to choose from and a wide range of options for close study within each language area. It provides a sound linguistic foundation from which to approach the literature, history and culture of the relevant countries. It leads on to a very wide variety of careers; Cambridge Modern Linguists are highly sought-after by employers.

Robinson is an excellent college at which to pursue your interests in Modern Languages. Teaching Fellows at the college cover most of the major languages taught within MML. We admit around 7 undergraduates a year in the subject, and our students come from a wide range of backgrounds, with an equally diverse range of interests. If you want to study in an unpretentious but rigorous intellectual environment, where those with a genuine passion for their subject will thrive, then Robinson may well be a good choice for you.

MML students at Robinson follow the same course as those at any other college in Cambridge, but we also provide some additional teaching to stretch and support you as you develop the skills you will need to succeed. Students in the first year are encouraged to attend sessions which introduce elements of critical theory and focus on how to approach reading; both first- and second-year students follow a course in academic writing which covers topics such as structuring essays, constructing an argument, and developing appropriate styles. We also organise college-based meetings to help you define your plans for the Year Abroad. Termly social events are a good opportunity to get to know MML students in other years. Robinson is also very well located for MML, being close to the Sidgwick Site where lectures and classes take place, and just over the road from the University Library.

Subject Requirements

Essential: At least one language at A2 level (or IB Higher, or equivalent)

Highly Desirable: Another language, English Literature, History, or any other Arts/Humanities subject can often be useful preparation for the MML course, although some of our successful students have taken Mathematics and Sciences at A2 instead.

Written Work

Two essays written as part of your A2 (or equivalent) coursework. Advice on the kind of essay which would be suitable to send can be found here.

Admission Assessment

All applicants for Modern and Medieval Languages (MML) are required to take a written assessment if interviewed. The test is of 60 minutes’ duration and you will be asked to produce two short pieces of writing, one in a foreign language of your choice and one in English, in response to a passage you are given. For further information on the assessment format, please view the entry requirements tab on: http://www.undergraduate.study.cam.ac.uk/courses/modern-and-medieval-languages.

The 2022 MML assessment will take place on Tuesday 29 November. Further information will be provided if you are invited to interview. You do not need to register for this assessment.

Director(s) of Studies

Dr Rory Finnin, Slavonic Studies

Dr Emily Price, French

Prof Joanna Page, Spanish

Teaching Fellows, College Lecturers and Senior Members in Modern and Medieval Languages

Dr Mary Stewart, German

Dr Scott Annett, Italian

Dr Viviane Carvalho D’Annunciação, Portuguese

Funding for vacation courses abroad

We encourage all MML students at Robinson to attend language courses abroad during the Christmas or Easter vacation. An intensive week-long or two-week course, together with a homestay (usually arranged by the language school) can be a real boost in preparation for the end-of-year exams. Thanks to a generous donation, Robinson MML students have access to a special fund which is designed to cover travel and accommodation costs as well as fees for such courses.

Further information on the MML course, studying languages at Robinson and our admissions process

Full details about the MML course can be found here.

Pre-Course Preparation

All incoming MML and HML students should check through the information in the following documents below:-

For ALL incoming 1st year students - General Information for MML and HML.

For incoming 1st year students studying Italian Ab Initio: Italian Ab Initio Reading List

For incoming 1st year students studying Italian Post A-Level: Italian Post A-Level Reading List

For incoming 1st year students studying Portuguese Ab Initio: Portuguese Ab Initio Reading List

For incoming 1st year students studying Spanish Ab Initio: Spanish Ab Initio Reading List

For incoming 1st year students studying Spanish Post A-Level: Spanish Post A-Level Reading List

For incoming 1st year students studying French: French Reading List

For incoming 1st year students studying German Ab lnitio: German Ab Initio Reading List

For incoming 1st year students studying German Post A-Level: German Post A-Level Reading List

For incoming 1st year students studying Russian Ab Initio: Russian Ab Initio Reading List

For incoming 1st year students studying Russian Post A-Level: Russian Post A-Level Reading List

Updated September 2022