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Award celebration for Robinson Fellow

Congratulations to Dr Jeremy Thurlow, Director of Music at Robinson College, on being awarded a Fellowship by the Bogliasco Foundation. Following a rigorous selection process, Jeremy will be taking a one month residency at the start of 2024 to work with a small group of artists and scholars in the inspiring surroundings of the Foundation, located in the quiet fishing village of Bogliasco, near Genoa. 

The Bogliasco Foundation “supports the Arts and Humanities by providing residential Fellowships at its study centre in Italy’s most vibrant, historic crossroads, where gifted artists and scholars of all cultures come together to connect, create and disseminate significant new work".

When discussing the residency, Jeremy commented:

“I'm looking forward to a stretch of time where I can have one single focus, without having to juggle the many different strands of life in term time. It will be fantastic to be with the seven other Bogliasco Fellows, discussing our various projects –I think it will be a very stimulating and creative environment”

During his residency Jeremy will be working on the first act of a new opera, based on the stories of refugee families as told in The Ungrateful Refugee, whose acclaimed author Dina Nayeri is working with Jeremy on the adaptation of her text.  Her book has been described as 'unflinching, complex, provocative', and 'a vital book for our times'.

The first performance of the work is planned for the Laidlaw Music Centre in St Andrews in June 2026, under the direction of Michael Downes. The centre is a beautiful new performance space that has won architectural awards.

The Robinson community would like to extend its congratulations to Jeremy on the award of the Boglisaco Fellowship and we look forward to the first performances of the completed opera.

You can read more about the Bogliasco Foundation here.