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BBC Quiz Show 'The 3rd Degree' is coming to Robinson

On Monday 26th February, three brave Robinson students (English, Law and MML (Spanish) will be taking on their professors in a battle of wits, as they go head-to-head on 'The 3rd Degree'. The rounds vary from General Knowledge, to a Subject-specific face-off, to a 'Highbrow / Lowbrow' round, where students can challenge their professors on popular culture. The questions range from Barthes to Beyoncé and no two shows are the same. Come along and cheer on the teams:

English: Dr Lizzie Rawlinson-Mills v Karolina Rawdanowicz
MML (Spanish): Oliver Wilson-Nunn v Tomás Mayorga  
Law: Dr Philip Murray v Jonny Keyte

Doors open at 17.40pm ready for the recording to begin at 6pm in the Robinson Auditorium.
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BBC Radio 4's The 3rd Degree at Robinson College