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July Open Days - Information for Prospective Students

As part of the University-wide July Open Days, Robinson College runs a number of activities. You must register for the July Open Days via the central University website to visit Robinson on the Open Days.

Guided Tours

Guided tours will be led by our Student Ambassadors. They are a great way to learn more about the Robinson community and the facilities that students use.

Guided tours are scheduled for every 20 minutes, leaving from the College's Front Court. Tours will start at 9.30am and end at 4.30pm. A tour will leave Front Court at 10 past the hour, half-past the hour, and 10 to the hour.

Tours are scheduled to last up to 60 minutes.

Self-Guided Tours

Prospective students are welcome to take their own self-guided tour if they wish to do so. Self-guided tours will have access to accommodation, the grounds, and open facilities (e.g. the Cafe), but please note they are not able to enter the Library.

Meet the Directors of Studies

The College organises a 'Meet the Directors of Studies' drop-in session from 11.45am to 1.30pm on both days.

This is an opportunity for prospective applicants to speak informally with the Director of Studies of their interested course(s).

Please note that taking part in the 'Meet the DoS' event is entirely optional and has no bearing on the application process.

Which subjects will be represented?

A full list of courses that will be represented at the DoS stands will be published closer to the time. We aim to provide as full range of representation as possible, but cannot guarantee that all Directors of Studies will be available.

This page is being continuously updated. Subjects with blank entries have yet to be confirmed.


SubjectThursday 6 JulyFriday 7 July 
Admissions TutorsYY 
Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic (ASNC)NY 
(until 1pm)
(until 1pm)
Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (AMES)N
(please see MML)
(please see MML)
Chemical EngineeringNN 
Computer ScienceYY
(until 1pm)
(from 12.45pm)
History and PoliticsYY 
Human, Social and Political Sciences (HSPS)N
(please see History and Politics)
(until 1pm)
Land EconomyNN 
Modern and Medieval Languages (MML)YY 
Natural Sciences (Biological)YY 
Natural Sciences (Physical)Y
(until 1pm)
(until 1pm)
Psychological and Behavioural Sciences (PBS)NY 
Veterinary MedicineYY 

What is a Director of Studies?

Directors of Studies, often shorted to DoS (pronounced 'doss'), are Fellows who oversee the teaching of a course within a particular College. They are responsible for the academic welfare of their students, which can include arranging supervisors for different papers, conducting review meetings in-term, or conducting teaching themselves.

Some students will have the same DoS for the entirety of their degree; others may have multiple DoS's for different years or subject branches, but all are there to support students in their academic career at the College.

A full list of the Directors of Studies at Robinson, with links to their academic profiles, can be found here.