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Robinson alumna builds her own success from the "Stormzy Effect"

Robinson College alumna, Drew Chateau, (Law, 2018) from South London, was one of the two students awarded the first Stormzy Scholarship in 2018. Drew graduated in 2021 with a 2:1 in Law and is now a trainee solicitor at a leading London law firm. 

“Financial pressures and burdens had placed restrictions on my life and on those around me, which made it difficult to concentrate on education due to the circumstances we found ourselves in,” said Drew “The scholarship helped reduce the gap between myself and those from a more stable upbringing. Thanks to the award I didn’t have to worry about my next meal, how to support my family or even getting to university each term. While there are always going to be tough times, this made university so much more practical, and enjoyable for me.”

Since launching in 2018, the Stormzy Scholarship programme at the University of Cambridge has helped to alleviate the financial worries and transform the university experience of 32 students from less advantaged socio-economic backgrounds.  HSBC UK has now announced, in partnership with #Merky Foundation, a doubling of its support for Stormzy Scholars at the University of Cambridge with 36 new Stormzy Scholarships to be awarded to Black students over the next 3 years, bringing the total number of students receiving funding to 81 over eight years (2018-2026).

On her time at Robinson College, Drew commented:

"My time at Cambridge was really made by the amazing people who I met and there were people at my College who supported me through my ups and downs, for which I'm incredibly grateful.  Particular thanks go to our Chaplain, Rev. Dr. Simon Perry, who was a great advocate for me when I needed it most".

Commenting on the success of the scholarship, Stormzy stated:

“For a further 30 Black students to have the opportunity to study at Cambridge University - the same year we celebrate 5 years of the scholarships’ launch - feels like an incredible landmark moment. Thank you to HSBC UK for another incredibly significant donation and of course, Cambridge University for always, always backing our mission. I hope these scholarships continue to serve as a small reminder to young Black students that the opportunity to study at one of the best universities in the world is theirs for the taking!”

Click through to read more about the future of the scholarships, and about Drew’s story and the impact the scholarship has had on her life, in The Guardian and on the University of Cambridge website

Main image credit: Andrew Timms