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Robinson Access Programme (RAP)

Applications for the 2024 Robinson Access Programme are closed.

What is the Robinson Access Programme?

The Robinson Access Programme (RAP) is an online scheme for Year 11 / S4 / Year 12 (Northern Ireland) and Year 12 / S5 / Year 13 (Northern Ireland) students, designed to help you think about university as an option for your future. The programme will consist of online sessions held most weeks after school from January to March 2024. 

Some sessions will be applicable to both Year 11 and 12 students. These include sessions on Cambridge life and studies. There will also be sessions aimed at either Year 11 or Year 12, on choosing A Levels or thinking about the university application process. 

We particularly encourage applications from Year 12 (or equivalent) students if you are on track to achieve highly in your A Level / Higher / IB qualifications. However, you are still welcome to apply even if you are unsure as to which universities you want to go to or whether you will go at all.

Please note that the programme is open to those attending UK state-maintained schools only



Who is it for?

RAP is open to current Year 11 and Year 12 students studying at state schools in the UK. It is intended to encourage and support you in thinking about applying to selective universities in the UK, so we would particularly like to hear from you if you are part of the top-performing cohort in your school.

However, the programme is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about university. You don't need to be sure that you'll go, or know which universities you want to go to: the information and skills that you develop as part of RAP will help you wherever you decide to go after you leave school.

For our equality and diversity monitoring, we ask for some data on applicants, including whether you: 

  • Have at any time been under the care of a Local Authority.

  • Are currently eligible for Free School Meals, or who have been eligible for Free School Meals in the last 6 years.

  • Are currently attending a school with low progression rates to higher-tariff universities.

  • Are the first in their immediate family to attend university.

  • Have home postcodes in areas with low local participation in Higher Education (POLAR4 quintiles 1 and 2).

  • Have home postcodes in areas of high socio-economic deprivation (IMD quintiles 1 and 2). 

  • Are from an ethnic background currently under-represented at the University of Cambridge (Black African, Black Caribbean, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Arab, Roma, or Traveller).

  • Live in or attend a school in our link areas of Swindon, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire or the London Borough of Wandsworth.


What is the schedule?

RAP will run from January to March, so throughout the Spring term. 

Click here for a PDF version of this timetable. 

What are the key dates?

Applications open

November 2023 - sign up here

Deadline for guardian consent form

Before joining the programme in January 2024

Programme begins

January 2024

How do I apply?

Applications for RAP are now open. You can sign up for the programme here

We will ask you for the following information in the application form:

  • Your details: first and last name, date of birth, postcode, school/college, email address;

  • Your current school subjects and predicted grades (if you do not have official predictions you will be asked to estimate the grades at which you are working);

  • Further contextual information related to our Widening Participation criteria;

  • Information about making any adjustments should you attend the event;

  • Name and contact details of a parent or guardian.

The application will be saved automatically so can be filled out in stages. Please make sure you open the form in the same browser to continue where you left off.



For details on Robinson College's online safeguarding policy, please click here. To read the specific safeguarding measures relevant to RAP, please click here