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Plant Sales



      Robinson College Gardens,

Thorneycreek Drive,  Herschel Rd. CB3 9AG

Tel: 01223 339167

Summer Bedding Plant Sale list 2024


Geraniums – Pelargonum x zonale dark Pinkberry, Burgundy, Salmon, Scarlet

                        Pelargonum x peltatum- Velvet, Magenta, white

                        Pelargonum cultivars- Light pink splashed

                        90p each or £8.00 for 10 plants

Fuchsia – General Monk- Red/white (Bush)

                  Jollies Nantes – Red/Blue (Bush)

                  Leonita Double – Pink/White (Trailer)

                  Vodoo – Double Red/purple violet (Trailer)

                   90p each or £8.00 for 10 plants


Diasca (trailer) - Blush, & Orange

              90p each or 5 for £4.00 – Due to limited stock, a maximum of 5 plant                           Per person, of any one colour (10 plants in Total) 

Lobelia (trailer) Riviera– Blue eyes

                              Regatta Mix

                              Tray of 24 plants £6.00 half tray £3.00      


Surfinia (trailer) – Purple vein, Burgundy

                                  80p each

Petunia – Star mix 

                   Tray of 24 plants £6.00 half tray £3.00 - Due to limited stock, only

                   One tray per person

Bizzy Lizzies – Star burst mix

Tray of 20 plants £6.00 half tray £3.00 – Due to limited stock, only one tray per person                                                                     

Verbena (trailer)

                   Deep Red Star


                   Blue with Eye

                   4 plants £2.00. Tray of 20 plants £8.00.

Heliotropium – Blue flower, heavily scented

                              90p each

Nemesia - Yellow flower

                     90p each


Please Note

Plant sales will be held on the following days only – 11.30am -3pm

Thurs - 30th May

Fri - 31st May

Thurs –  6th June

Fri –  7th June

Thurs – 20th June

Fri –  21st June

Other times by pre–arranged appointment only.

I am happy to take orders by email.

Please Note

Card Sales Only