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Robinson Gardening Society


The Robinson Gardening Society, founded in November 2018, is a sanctuary for Robinson students. Every session increases the gardening skills and awareness of participants. More than that though, it’s a chance for members to relax and forget about the stresses of Cambridge life. Members frequently note the improvement in their mental and physical health after each session.

The gardening is all eco-friendly, using permaculture techniques alongside some conventional gardening. The plants are planted with the aims of:

1. increasing water and nutrient retention

2. attracting wildlife

3. being sustainable and eco-friendly

4. minimising the need for chemicals and commercial fertilisers

5. suppressing pests and weeds

6. successfully growing fruit, veg and herbs for the members of the society. They all also require minimal pruning and are suitable for the Cambridge climate.

All members of Robinson College are welcome in the society and no experience is required. Members can also harvest any edible plants (preferably with the head of the society’s permission!). We hold sessions throughout the year, with frequency depending on the time of year. They are around 2-3 hours and followed by a warm cuppa tea and biscuits. Outside of term time, any members still in Cambridge (postgraduates in particular) tend to the patch in their free time and keep the head of the society informed about what’s developing.