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The Chapel, music and pastoral care for staff and students

The Chapel is full of wonderful detail with glorious stained-glass windows by John Piper and Patrick Reyntiens - the artists who designed the windows for the new Coventry cathedral after the Second World War - behind the altar and in the side chapel. Beautiful, decorative bronze-work by Jacqueline Stieger evoking the waters of baptism and the vine of life is found on the main door and forming the gate between the side and main chapels and the main chapel houses one of the best modern organs in the country. It was built by the Danish organ builder, Erik Frobenius, and was one of the first by him in Britain.

The presence of such a special organ makes the chapel a natural focus for music in the College and particularly for concerts and performances. The choir, orchestra and members of Robinson College Music Society are drawn from throughout the College community and may be studying any subject offered by Robinson and the University of Cambridge.

The Chapel is run in such a way that the various aspects of College life are reflected there. The College community reflects the multi-faith, multi-cultural society of which we are part. But although it occupies a central place in the College buildings, Robinson Chapel was never intended to be the sole preserve of the religious. In commissioning the great window "The Beginning and the End", Sir David Robinson asked John Piper to use imagery that would not appear rigidly exclusive of those who are not Christians. The Chapel was dedicated in 1981 by a partnership of denominations, making Robinson one of only two Cambridge College chapels that are inter-denominational. Recent developments in the Chapel programme have been designed to make the Chapel inclusive of all sorts of people and all kinds of activities - some clearly religious and Christian, others exploring the idea of the human being as a spiritual being.

Pastoral care is provided through a system of Tutors and by the Chaplain, regardless of the beliefs of those seeking support. The Chaplain is available to all members and staff of the College, whatever their beliefs, and provides help and support whenever it is required. In addition, each student is assigned a Tutor in as well as his or her Director of Studies. Like the Chaplain, this Fellow is available to the student to discuss any issues or difficulties that s/he encounters whilst studying at Robinson, whether in relation to work or personal matters. The Tutor provides support and advice and aims to help the student to find a solution that enables him or her to continue with, and concentrate on, his or her work. Each student meets with his or her Tutor at least twice a term and more frequently if required. If a problem develops which requires further professional counselling, a Tutor may also refer a student to the University Counselling Service.

Bequests or gifts for the chapel or music at Robinson will help to ensure that future Robinsonians continue to receive the support and help of the Chaplain at times of celebration, change and sadness; and that Robinsonians and the Cambridge community continue to enjoy splendid and beautiful music in this wonderful setting. For more information on making a gift in your will, see the legacy page. We are also offering supporters the opportunity to celebrate their connection with Robinson by sponsoring a chair in the Chapel. For more information, see the Chapel Chair page