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Chapel Chairs

Commemorate your time at Robinson, or a family member or friend - sponsor a Chapel Chair and have your connection with the College or a special person remembered in the Robinson College Chapel. Each donation of £500 will allow us to refurbish a chair and add a plaque commemorating the donor, or a person who the donor nominates. Donors may make a single payment, or spread their gift over time, paying a monthly or annual amount. Sample chairs are pictured here.

Before refurbishment
After refurbishment

Robinson College Chapel was built as an integral part of the College. It is non-denominational and the Christian worship offered is ecumenical. Visitors are welcome at all services and regular services take place on Sundays and Tuesdays with additional services and events as notified in the Chapel. The Chaplain is available to provide pastoral care for all members and staff of the College, regardless of their personal faith or beliefs.

The Chapel is full of wonderful detail with glorious stained-glass windows by John Piper and Patrick Reyntines - the artists who designed the windows for the new Coventry cathedral after the Second World War - behind the altar and in the side chapel. Beautiful, decorative bronze-work by Jacqueline Stieger evoking the waters of baptism and the vine of life is found on the main door and forming the gate between the side and main chapels and the main chapel houses one of the best modern organs in the country. It is faced with Swanage multi-coloured brick and with French Massangis stone, which contains fossils visible throughout the floor. The table, lectern and other furniture were designed by Metzstein and Piper, and made from Canadian pine. The organ was built by the Danish builder Erik Frobenius, and was one of the first by him in Britain. It has mechanical action with electrical stop action, and the tone quality is uniformly "continental classical". The Chapel is regularly used for concerts and events in addition to worship.  Robinson College chapel is a wonderful place in which to make your mark.