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2023 Telephone Campaign

Join us for our 19th Telephone Campaign, taking place from December 5th to December 18th. This campaign serves as a fantastic way for us to connect with our alumni, keeping you informed about all the exciting College updates and upcoming events. Our student callers look forward to engaging with our alumni, offering them not only invaluable networking opportunities but also valuable career advice and guidance.

During these calls, you'll also get an insight into our ongoing fundraising efforts, which support a range of vital projects. Our aim is to ensure that every current and future Robinson student can take full advantage of the endless opportunities offered by a Cambridge education.

This year, our fundraising efforts will focus on three essential areas: the Annual Fund, the Student Opportunities Fund, and the College Library. A contribution to any of these priorities will play a pivotal role in shaping the futures of Robinson Students for generations to come.

The Robinson College Discretionary Fund exists to provide the financial means necessary to direct resources toward the areas of greatest need. This flexibility ensures that the College can adapt to changing circumstances and continue to deliver a world-class education.

One of the most significant demonstrations of the impact of the Discretionary Fund was during the COVID-19 pandemic. This extraordinary situation required additional expenditure to ensure the safety and well-being of our students and staff. The funds enabled us to respond quickly, implement vital safety measures, and ensure that we could continue our academic commitments.

Donor Matching Opportunity

  • One of our Alumni has pledged to match funds up to £25,000, which means that donations will be effectively doubled up.

Recent and Planned Expenditures funded by the Annual Fund:

Completed Projects (2022/23):

  • Hostel Refurbishments: No. 2 and No. 4 Adams were successfully refurbished, along with No. 3 Sylvester Rd.
  • Flat 14 Refurbishment: The renovation of Flat 14 brought it up to modern standards.
  • Walkway Lighting: The restoration of 120 wall lights along walkways was undertaken, enhancing safety and aesthetics.
  • Library Desk Lighting: The completion of phase 3 of the library desk lighting upgrade.

Upcoming Projects (2023/24):

  • MCR Refurbishment: Plans are in place for the refurbishment of the MCR, including new lighting and a modern kitchen.
  • Bathroom Renovations: Six new bathrooms are scheduled for L staircase.

Bursary Funding:

Discretionary funds can also be allocated to bursaries, with Robinson College's contribution to the £3500 Cambridge Bursary being £1750 per student per year. These contributions can be divided into various-sized gifts, supporting students in their educational journey.


The Student Opportunities Fund 

For many students, financial constraints can be an impossible obstacle to pursuing their dreams. Robinson College recognises that every student should have the opportunity to excel, regardless of their financial circumstances. To help bridge this gap, in 2023 Robinson established this new Fund to provide valuable support to students who may need assistance with additional costs related to work experience, research, or sporting activities. This fund has enabled students to pursue diverse opportunities and turn their aspirations into reality.

Supporting a Diverse Range of Experiences

The Student Opportunities Fund at Robinson is designed to meet the individual needs of each student, recognising that each student may have different aspirations. This flexibility has allowed students to access funding for a wide range of activities, such as

  • Attending the UN summer programme UNIFY: The Geneva Immersive
  • Attending and performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival
  • Additional travel and expenses, training or equipment for students

A Space for All - A New Library Lounge

Donor Matching Opportunity

A generous Donor has pledged to match funds up to £5,000, which means that donations will be effectively doubled up. 

This fund can be directed towards various library projects, such as the purchase of new books and the improvement of study areas. The aim of this initiative is to adapt our library to better meet the evolving needs of our diverse community of students and scholars.

We understand that library spaces need to evolve to cater to the changing requirements of our users. In this context, we have set our sights on refurbishing the small upstairs area of the library. The 2023 Cambridge Libraries Survey has provided us with valuable insights into the expectations and priorities of our library users.

Postgraduate Insights: According to the survey, postgraduate students ranked "a comfortable and welcoming physical space" as their third most important improvement. This highlights the need for spaces that are inviting and conducive to extended periods of study.

Undergraduate Insights: On the other hand, undergraduates ranked "library spaces that stimulate study and learning" as their third most important current user need. It is clear that they desire environments that facilitate productive learning and engagement.

Creating a Welcoming Learning Space

Taking these valuable insights into consideration, we have envisioned the transformation of the small upstairs area of our library into an informal and hospitable seating area. This space will be designed to create a welcoming, comfortable, and inspiring atmosphere.

Key Features of the New Space:

  • Sofas: Comfortable seating to encourage relaxation and concentration.
  • Cushions: Providing flexibility for personal comfort.
  • Rugs: Adding warmth and character to the space.
  • Side Tables: Convenient surfaces for books, laptops, or beverages.
  • Soothing Lamps: Appropriate lighting to enhance the ambiance.

This new library space will not only cater to diverse learning styles and preferences but also promote community and shared learning experiences. It will serve as a hub for quiet collaboration, providing an inclusive and flexible environment for individual study or group work.

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