What is the Common Balance?

This is a prepayment method of paying for printing, and applies to the printer / photocopier in the Computer Room, the one in the library and the one in the MCR. You must have credit in your account to be able to print.

How do I add credit to my account?

Please visit the eCredit website to add money onto your printing account.

Where else can I print?

You will be able to print to printers in any of the following locations using your MCS login.

Will the cost of printing change?

Each College and Department can set its printing charges independently of the others. Please note, however, that printing at a different location will not necessarily cost the same as printing at Robinson. Costs are listed here.

Who do I contact if I have a problem?

If you have been charged for pages which have not printed, contact the IT Department with details of what you tried to print and when, and we will check your printing records and refund money as appropriate.

What happens to any balance in my account when I leave the College?

Any credits you have paid for are non-refundable.

Can I print from my own Laptop / Desktop to the MCS printers?

You can now print from your own Laptop or Desktop to MCS printers using the DS-Print Service for Windows v3 or the DS-Print Service for Mac.

Windows users please click on this link

Just ignore any errors that appear such as :-

Install the relevant printer drivers and the PaperCut Client software.

Mac users please click on this link for UIS instructions or click on this link for Robinson College instructions (PDF).

Additional info for Mac uses :-

Our printer queue is called Rob_FindMe, so the smb URL will be smb://print.ds.cam.ac.uk/Rob_FindMe

Library Photocopier - Konica Minolta Bizhub C368
Student Computer Room Photocopier - Konica Minolta Bizhub C364e.
Konica drivers can be found here.

MCR Printer – HP Laserjet 4250
SCR Printer – HP Laserjet Color M451dn
HP Drivers can be found here.

Please note that Mobility Print still doesn't work on our network. 

Large Format Printing - A0, A1, A2, A3 size

We have a Canon large scale printer located in the IT Training Room.

This printer was donated anonymously by two alumni who wanted to provide our Architecture students with a local alternative to the Departmental print queue, particularly at busy times such as when portfolios are in productionWe are very grateful indeed for their generosity.

Please contact the IT Office and request access to the IT Training Room.

These printing charges have been subsidised by 50% from a generous donation, by two alumni, to the college.   

Here is a table of the printing charges below :-

Paper Type


Paper Size



Normal Weight Paper 90gsm 




















Heavy Weight Paper 170gsm




















Where can I go for more information?

The University's printing information is located here.


Page updated 30th January 2019