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Licensing Rules & Guidance

Robinson College holds a Premises Licence for various regulated activities, including the sale of alcohol.  The regulations pertaining to the licence cover the entire College although only specified areas of the College are covered for specified regulated activities. 

The licensing regulations affect how the College and its members carry out its/their activities and the following rules and points must be observed in order that the College does not infringe the law.

  1. The Designated Premises Supervisor on the Premises Licence is the Domestic Bursar.  They are authorised to sell alcohol on the premises.
    1. Day to day management of alcohol sales is delegated to the Head of Conference and Catering and other College-nominated Personal Licensees and to delegated persons within the Catering/Bar team.
    2. Only trained persons are authorised to serve/sell alcohol in the licensed premises of the College.  For the avoidance of doubt, this applies to student servers as well who are required to be trained by the College.
  2. Alcohol may only be sold (or re-sold) by the College through the College Bar or under arrangements sanctioned through the Catering Department.
    1. If a society (or an individual) has booked a function room (including the Party Room), and wishes to purchase alcohol for re-sale to the attendees, this alcohol must be purchased from the Premises Licence Holder, i.e. the College.
    2. No outside provider of alcohol is covered by the College’s Licence.  It is therefore not permissible to buy alcohol from an outside supplier, e.g. a supermarket or a cash and carry, for re-sale in the College.
    3. In order to assist organisers, the College Bar offers alcoholic drinks for bulk purchase on a sale or return basis for parties and events at a little over cost price.  Further information and prices can be seen on the College Website catering pages.
  3. Any event (and the end time) needs Tutorial Permission.  Application for this is made via the Catering Office (High Court) by completion of a REQUEST TO HOLD AN EVENT IN COLLEGE REQUIRING TUTORIAL PERMISSION.  On this form, the organiser must indicate the following:
    1. If there is to be an alcoholic bar, the bar will need to be staffed by College Bar staff or trained student bar staff.  In either case, the relevant party will need to indicate agreement to the booking; NB: only trained people may serve alcohol.
    2. If the organiser is serving the alcohol themselves, this needs to be indicated and this does NOT negate the need for the alcohol to be bought via the College Bar. 
    3. If no alcohol is to be sold or served, this should be shown.
  4. All of these rules apply to any event held within any of the licensed areas of the College, not just the Party Room.
  5. In respect of all events where alcohol is served, the host or organiser of the event and notably any persons serving behind the bar, will be responsible for ensuring that:
    1. There is no service of alcohol to a person who is drunk or disorderly.
    2. There is no service of alcohol to a person who is under age
    3. There is no disorderly conduct during the event or on the College premises. The organiser should be aware that the Police have right of entry to the premises and have the right to close down a function without further recourse to higher authority.
    4. There are no “drinking games” which encourage the drinking of alcohol within a time limit and/or the drinking as much alcohol as possible.
    5. Alcohol is “served/sold” at a charge per drink.  There is no provision of unlimited or unspecified quantities of alcohol free of charge or for a fixed fee (i.e. within a ticket price). (Private dinner parties excepted).
    6. There is no provision of alcohol free or discounted as a reward/prize in the event of a specified outcome (e.g. sporting event, wagered outcome).
    7. There is no sale or supply of alcohol in conjunction with any promotional activity which condones, glamorises or encourages anti-social behaviour or refers to the effects of drunkenness in a favourable manner.

For the avoidance of doubt, these rules apply to the May Ball, for which alcohol may be bought from the College, obtained from College suppliers, (via the College) or obtained from sponsors, (via the College).  The May Ball Committee may not purchase alcohol from other providers for sale (included within the ticket price).

These rules also apply if a society (or an individual) intends to offer alcohol where there is NO sale at all, i.e. they are providing drinks for a private party for which there is no charge either in the form of a ticket price or the exchange of cash or payment in kind.  As the consumption will take place within the College’s licensed premises, there is a requirement for the alcohol to be purchased from the College in order that due diligence may be exercised.

For further information, organisers are invited to make enquiries with the Head of Conference and Catering or Domestic Bursar.

It is important to realise that infringements of these rules may place the College’s licence in jeopardy.  That would affect the College’s ability to operate.  Junior members are advised that the College will take a very serious view of any infringement of these rules.