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Party Room

The Robinson College Party Room is situated on the lower level, downstairs from the Umney Foyer/Bin Brook Concourse.

  • The host must be a member of the college and will be held responsible to the College. The host will be expected to collect and return the key in person and must be present throughout the party.
  • Only Robinson College organisations, societies, and groups may hold events in the party room, unless associated with a catering function booked through the Conference Office.
  • Guests are normally to be invited in advance by a written or printed invitation, and it will be the responsibility of the host to ensure that only these guests invited are admitted to the party. When this is not possible then guests to the party must be at least identifiable as such, i.e. by the host at the time, to the satisfaction of any member of staff who is present in the interest of security. In order to keep undesirable intruders out of the functions held in College, tickets must not be on sale at the door to unidentified persons. Organisers of such functions wishing to hold 'open house' to allcomers should use facilities outside the College as a venue.
  • Parties and events (such as bops) to be held in the College must not be advertised in the press or publicly.
  • Bookings for the party room must be made in the Catering and Conference Office situated on High Court U staircase.
  • The written permission of the host's Tutor must be obtained overleaf, together with details of at least 3 Stewards (briefed for the role) and trained bar staff, and handed in to the Porters' Lodge for the attention of the Head Porter, not less than 3 days before the event.
  • The booking of the room must be made by the host with the Conference office in sufficient time for these arrangements to be made. The Ents. Officers will be able to assist with details of Stewards and trained bar staff.
  • The Tutor in considering permission will have regard to the nature of the event and the organisation and conduct of any similar eventspreviously held. The Senior Tutor reserves the right to withdraw Tutorial permission where the above condition is not complied with, or other circumstances subsequently arise.

The bar facilities DO NOT automatically come with it. These must be booked through the RCSA Ents team, who may agree to run a bar facilitiy for you. Any alcohol to be served must be purchased through the Red Brick Cafe Bar , email or telephone internal ext. no. 39138. This should be done at least two weeks in advance to ensure stock is available.

To arrange a bar facility in the Party Room, please discuss your requirements with the RCSA Ents Officer. Alternatively, drinks may be bought from the College bar in take-away receptacles.

For use of the disco equipment arrangements should be made with the RCSA Ents. committee.

The maximum number of people permitted in the party room is 110.

All music in the Party room must cease by midnight and the room cleared and locked by 12.30am. In certain circumstances an extension to 1am may be obtained on application to the Senior Tutor. The College authorities reserve the right to require any party to finish earlier if there is sufficient cause. The room must be cleared of glasses, crockery, cutlery and any debris at the end of the event or at the latest by 7am on the day following the event to allow cleaning by the housekeeping staff.

  • Under College Regulations it is an offence to interfere with any fire detection or fire fighting equipment. Emergency lighting systems must not be tampered with and all emergency exits must be kept clear of any equipment, furniture or other materials at all times.
  • RCSA owns the installed sound and lighting equipment in the Party room. If this equipment is to be used, moved or adjusted in any way the host is required to contact the RCSA Ents Officer otherwise the RCSA will impose a significant fine. A charge will be made for the use of the equipment, or for moving/adjusting it. The host may be required to ensure that the equipment is to be used by a professional DJ (or person with relevant experience). The RCSA Ents Officer reserves the right to deny the use of the equipment.
  • In accordance with the 'Electricity at Work Regulations 1989', the College has to ensure the safety of electrical appliances in use within the premises by having them checked and certified by a competent electrician from time to time. Electrical appliances brought into College by you or on your behalf, should also have been checked and certified. If you are in doubt, please consult with the College Maintenance Superintendent. Please note that the College cannot be held liable for any damage, howsoever caused, resulting from the use of any electrical appliance introduced into the College by you or on your behalf.
  • You must comply with the licencing rules at all times - see the link to the licencing guidance here
  • Your event must fall within the Robinson College Premises Licence.  A copy of this is available from the Domestic Bursar and advice can be provided by the RBCB Bar Manager
  • The organiser or host must ensure that:
    • No alcohol is served to anyone who is drunk or disorderly
    • There is no disorderly conduct on the premises
    • That no-one who is under age is served alcohol
  • All alcohol must be purchased through the Bar Manager.  Fair notice is expected, but your order may be subject to substitutions which will be communicated to you.
  • The use of the Party Room is the sole responsibility of the RCSA ents officers.  Should you wish to use the bar area, you must make the necessary arrangements with them.

If you are planning a party, you can buy drinks from the bar in bulk at just over cost price plus VAT. Please note that we add an administrative charge of 20%.

Complete this form and take it to the bar giving at least two weeks notice.

Please note that you will be required to pay for the stock before collection as we cannot offer you credit.