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Accessibility and Disability Resource Centre

The Accessibility and Disability Resource Centre (ADRC) is the central student support service for disabled students at the University of Cambridge. We support students with Specific Learning Difficulties, Autistic Spectrum conditions, mental health conditions, long-term health conditions and physical and sensory impairments. Support is implemented after a conversation between the student and their Disability Adviser, which is confidential.

The ADRC works closely with departments and colleges to provide adjustments for students. One way we do this is by writing Student Support Documents. This document provides information to college and departmental staff working with disabled students about their conditions and recommends adjustments that would support their learning and teaching, including exam access arrangements.

The ADRC can also provide human support such as notetaking, mentoring and specialist 1:1 study skills and a loan pool, which lends students ergonomic equipment. We also have an access guide for university buildings on our website.

There are various funds available to disabled students including Disabled Students' Allowances and the Reasonable Adjustments Fund for UK students and the International Disabled Students' Fund for international students. These funds help pay for any additional costs related to your studies and your specific disability.

If you think you would benefit from the ADRC’s support, my advice would be to contact us sooner rather than later and don’t wait until things become difficult. Students can contact the DRC by completing our Student Information Form. I am the Disability Adviser for Robinson and you can contact me (Aless McCann) directly via