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Typical Offers Require

A Level: A*A*A IB: 41-42 points, with 776 at Higher Level

The course in Engineering at Cambridge, which lasts four years and leads to the award of an MEng degree, has some special features that distinguish it from those at most other universities. It is clearly acknowledged that its purpose is to educate, rather than to train you for a particular job. The course is designed to develop your intellectual abilities so that you will be able to tackle new and unexpected situations. The emphasis is placed firmly on understanding a relatively small number of basic physical principles which can be applied to a large number of technological problems. Rather less time is spent in learning the details of specific engineering devices, not least because such knowledge can become rapidly out of date.

Subject Requirements

Essential: A Level / IB Higher Level Mathematics and Physics.

Highly Desirable: A third mathematics, science or technology A Level / IB Higher Level.

A sound background in Mathematics is essential for success in any course in Engineering and the highest grade at Advanced Level Mathematics (or its equivalent) is expected from all our applicants. In recent years, nearly all successful candidates have also taken Further Mathematics at AS or A2 level. These two subjects together with Physics provide all the necessary background for the Cambridge undergraduate course. Well in advance of the start of the first term the Engineering Department issues all new students with several booklets aimed at bringing everyone up to a good standard in Mathematics as well as several other areas of GCE A level work.

Written Work


Admission Assessments

Engineering and Science Admissions Test (ESAT): pre-registration required

Directors of Studies - Dr Jossy Sayir

Additional Teaching Fellows - Dr Christopher de SaxeDr Mohammed Elshafie, Prof. Athina Markaki, Dr James Massey, Prof N SwaminathanDr Geb Jones

Engineering - Further information

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Updated April 2024