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Robinson Access Programme Launch

The Robinson Access Programme (RAP) is an online scheme for Year 11 / S4 / Year 12 (Northern Ireland) and Year 12 / S5 / Year 13 (Northern Ireland) students, designed to help you think about university as an option for your future. The programme will consist of online sessions held most weeks after school from January to March 2024. We have an exciting programme of webinars ahead, including taster lectures, Q&As with current students, and workshops to get students thinking about university and beyond. 

Some sessions will be applicable to both Year 11 and 12 students. These include sessions on Cambridge life and studies. There will also be sessions aimed at either Year 11 or Year 12, on choosing A Levels or thinking about the university application process. 

We particularly encourage applications from Year 12 (or equivalent) students if you are on track to achieve highly in your A Level / Higher / IB qualifications. However, you are still welcome to apply even if you are unsure as to which universities you want to go to or whether you will go at all.

For more information about the programme, please head to the page on our website

To sign up for the programme, please click here to be taken to the form.