Director of Studies


Anglo Saxon, Norse & Celtic (Prelim & Part I) Dr David A Woodman
Anglo Saxon, Norse & Celtic (Part II) Dr Ben Guy
Archaeology Dr Maryon E McDonald
Architecture Dr Ying Jin
Asian & Middle Eastern Studies Dr I Galambos 
Chemical Engineering Dr David Fairen-Jimenez
Classics Dr Rosanna Omitowoju
Computer Science (Part IA & IB) Dr Richard W Sharp
Computer Science (Part II and Part III) Professor A Mycroft
Economics Dr M Kim
Education Dr Karen Forbes
Engineering (Part IA & IIA) Dr J Sayir
Engineering (Part IB) Professor N Swaminathan
Engineering (Part IIB & MET) Professor John A Williams
English (Prelim & Part I) Dr Scott Annett
English (Part II) Dr Helen Thaventhiran
Geography Dr Francesca Moore
History (Prelims & Part I) Dr David Woodman
History (Part II) Dr Deborah Thom
History of Art Dr John Munns
History & Modern Languages Dr D A Woodman/Dr E Baker  
History & Politics Dr D Thom/Dr J E Smith  
Human, Social & Political Sciences (Part I) Dr Maryon E McDonald
Human, Social & Political Sciences (Social Anthropology) Dr Marta Magalhaes-Wallace
Human, Social & Political Sciences (Politics & International Relations) Baroness Smith of Newnham (Dr J E Smith)
Human, Social & Political Sciences (Sociology) Dr S Hogarth
Land Economy Dr S T Larcom
Law (Part IA) Professor Alison Young
Law (Part IB & II) Dr Brian D Sloan
Linguistics Dr Bert Vaux
Management Studies Dr Ian A Rudy
Manufacturing Engineering Professor J A Williams
Mathematics Dr Christopher D Warner
Medicine - Pre-Clinical (Part IA & Part II) Dr Andrew Sharkey
Medicine - Pre Clinical (Part IB) Dr Gary Doherty
Medicine - Clinical Professor Peter J A Hutchinson
Modern & Medieval Languages (Part IA, II & YA) Dr Emily Baker
Modern & Medieval Languages (Part IB) Dr Emily Price
Music Dr Louise Denby
Natural Sciences (Biological) (Part IA) Dr Olivier Restif
Natural Sciences (Biological) (Part IB) Dr Helen Leggett
Natural Sciences (Biological) (Part II and Part III) Dr Colin Crump
Natural Sciences (Physical) (Part IA and IB and Chemistry) Dr William P Nolan
Natural Sciences (Earth Sciences) Dr Alex C Copley
Natural Sciences (HPS) Dr Daniel Margocsy
Natural Sciences (Physics & Astrophysics) Professor D A Ritchie
Natural Sciences (Materials Science) Dr R Oliver
Philosophy Dr N Krishna
Psychological & Behavioural Sciences Dr Duncan Astle
Theology Revd Dr David G Cornick
Veterinary Medicine (Pre Clinical) Dr P N Schofield
Veterinary Medicine (Clinical) Mrs Christine E Latham