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Decisions and Winter Pool

Applicants will be notified of our decision on UCAS by the end of January. The College will then contact applicants with further information after UCAS has updated all decisions. 

Remember that Robinson College receives around four applications for every place, so inevitably many applicants, even with good grade predictions, will be unsuccessful. If you are offered a place, it will normally be conditional on achieving certain grades in your examinations unless you have already taken them.

In some cases an applicant only fails to receive an offer by a narrow margin. They may have performed well at interview or have a particularly strong set of examination results to date. In such instances, their application may be put in to the ‘Winter Pool’ for consideration by other colleges. A small number of applicants may be invited for a further interview by another college or made an offer outright. The ‘Winter Pool’ interviews usually take place at the beginning of January. Approximately a quarter of those applicants put into the ‘pool’ will be made an offer.

Updated January 2023