Robinson College will write to you directly to let you know whether we will be offering you a place via UCAS. UCAS will also inform you and you must reply, observing UCAS requirements and deadlines. If you accept Cambridge "firmly" you must meet the conditions of your offer (if your offer had conditions attached) by 31 August 2022.

For Arts subjects, the majority of offers made by Robinson College will be A*AA at A Level, or the equivalent in other examination systems. The A* will not usually be tied to a specified subject. For Science and Mathematics subjects, the majority of offers made will be A*A*A at A Level or the equivalent in other examination systems.  For some courses, such as Natural Sciences and Medicine,  an offer based on four subjects may be made.  When deciding on the level of an offer, we take into account all aspects of your educational background. For example, applicants who have submitted an Extenuating Circumstances Form could be made a slightly lower offer. We aim to make offers that we believe to be realistic and achievable. In the event of change to your personal, social or educational circumstances, please let us know.

We also write to, or email, all our offer holders between January and the end of August to ensure that all the financial and other information we need is complete in good time for the 31 August 2022 deadline. We may also write to you with course-related information such as reading lists.

Updated May 2022