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A display in the College Library on Sir David Robinson's philanthropy.
The box labelled RCPP/Robinson/7/6 has always carried an air of enigma about it. When the majority of the collection you work with is typewritten papers from 1970s-80s, two bubble-wrapped, oddly-shaped artefacts do tend to stand out, containing as they do probably the very last thing you would expect to find in the archive of a late-twentieth century Cambridge college

The Chandrakala & Mansukhlal Shah Building, the new home for the Robinson College Archive, was officially opened with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Sunday, 3 July 2022.

In 1971, our founder David Robinson gave a speech at York racecourse to an audience mostly populated by members of the Jockey Club. Although he left behind few personal papers, we are very fortunate to have in the College Archive the text from which he gave this speech

One area of the College Archive in which there are many gaps is what is loosely termed the 'ephemera' collections - flyers, leaflets, posters, term cards, programmes, tickets, photos, menus, and ma

A rare treat for the College Archive, we were briefly home to the extraordinary model of the College in miniature which was made to celebrate Sir David Robinson's 80th birthday in April 1984. 

We were delighted this week to make a new home in the Robinson College Archive for the College's Foundation Charter (RCGR 1/1/1).

Helena Mennie Shire (1912-1991, literary scholar) was a Founding Fellow of Robinson and had a particular interest in the poetry and music of Scotland 1500-1700.

This year marks a number of anniversaries in connection with Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

In 2007 the College Archive received an interesting file on the origins and early years of 4 Adams Road from a Mr Melville, a relative of former owners of the house

Robinson May Balls have been around since the early 1980s. An event called Castle Carnival was held in 1983, followed by the Barefoot Ball, the first full blown May Ball, in 1984.

Brickhouse and Robinson Drama: images show a flyer for ‘Popcorn’, 2004 (Archive ref. RCCS 5/3/2) and a poster for ‘Translations’, 2006 (Archive ref. RCCS 5/5).

Outline of proposed Chapel exterior, sketched by Andy MacMillan, architect, in 1977.

Discussions about a site for Robinson College were taking place as early as 1972. The letters shown here [Archive ref.

Photograph of David Robinson, aged about 16, probably taken not long after he left Cambridge High School for Boys, now Hills Road Sixth Form College, whose Robinson Theatre was funded by him and is named after him.

This first item is offered as a tribute to Commander George Coupe, who played a key role in Robinson College for nearly thirty years.