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Welcome Freshers, New Graduates and returning Students


You need to register your devices on our network before using the internet.

  1. Turn off mobile data (if using a mobile) and any VPNs
  2. Connect to RC-wifi or RC-wifi-secure (password is robinson)
  3. Turn off your device MAC address randomisation / Private addressing if using a mobile
  4. Open you web browser and go to

What is MAC address randomisation / Private addressing or problems setting up your device, see this PDF.

What is a MAC address?

A MAC (Media Access Control) address, sometimes referred to as a hardware or physical address, is a unique, 12-character alphanumeric attribute that is used to identify individual electronic devices on a network. An example of a MAC address is: 00-B0-D0-63-C2-26 or 00:B0:D0:63:C2:26 or 00B0D063C226.   

I brought my Playstation / XBox / Switch / Alexa etc and want to connect it to the Wired Ethernet or Wifi

We need the MAC address of the Wired Ethernet Adapter or Wifi Adapter and we will do a manual registration for you.   Send an email to    Any problems with the device?   Pop by the IT Office (Q Staircase) and we will take a look.

How do I print from my laptop?

You can now print from your own Laptop or Desktop to DS printers using the Print Deploy App

How do I connect to Eduroam?

See the University Information Services (UIS) webpage -

My University card is not working on the Laundry Door etc

Ask the Porter's to do an Automatic Key Update on your card or

Take your card to the Library Door card reader and keep it on the reader until it has fully programmed your card. The Library Door card reader is an online card reader and thus can program cards.

If you are still having problems with your card then come up to the IT Office (Q Staircase) during office hours.

Further Help webpages from the UIS

Robinson College - IT Office