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Seated Stretches for Computer Users

Stretching is a low impact method of exercise designed to increase flexibility, reduce the risk of injury and address muscular imbalances.

Lower your chair so that both feet remain flat on the floor.

Stretch slowly and smoothly, hold the stretch for 10-20 seconds, then release slowly.

Do not force the stretch or bounce.

If you feel pain you should stop.

  1. Shoulder shrugs: with arms hanging by your sides, raise your shoulders upwards and hold, then let them drop down and relax. Repeat.
  2. Neck rolls: looking forward, slowly allow your head to relax to the left side, bringing your ear towards your shoulder, stretch and hold before straightening. Repeat with the right side. Pull your chin in and lower towards your chest, hold then turn your head slowly to the right to look over your shoulder, hold and turn back slowly to the centre. Repeat turning the left.
  3. Neck flexion: drop your head forward, interlock your fingers and rest on head, allowing the weight of your relaxed arms to help the head towards the chest.
  4. Neck extension: interlock your fingers behind your neck, and support it while you look slightly upwards.
  5. Reach ups: interlock your fingers, turn your palms away from you. Straighten your arms and reach upwards over your head and slightly back as far as you can, to increase the stretch.
  6. Reach outs: interlock your fingers with palms facing forward, push out as far as possible, allowing the shoulders to round forwards.
  7. Chest stretch: (sit or stand) with elbows bent, interlock your fingers behind our back, straighten your arms, turning your elbows slightly in, squeezing your shoulder blades together. Gently raise your arms to increase the stretch.
  8. Side bends: interlock your fingers behind your head. Make sure your feet are placed in line with your shoulders, then lean over to one side to stretch. Stretch upwards with the top elbow.
  9. Back extension: sit upright with your hands placed into the small of your back. Push your hips forwards and your shoulders back, arching the spine.
  10. Knee raise: sitting upright, take one knee and raise it towards your chest. Hold for up to 20 seconds. Rest and repeat with the other knee.