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What can the IT Office help you with?

We can help with the installation of programs such Office 365, anti-virus software etc, the configuration of mobile devices to use eduroam, the installation of photocopier drivers on ds-print so that users can print documents from their own laptops / desktops etc.    If you break your laptop and it is out of warrantee, we can try replacing the screen, keyboard, hard drive etc.   We can replace hard drives with solid state drives or upgrade the memory for you.   We will endeavour to help you with any other IT enquiries or will hopefully be able to point you in the right direction.

How do I apply for a network connection?

Please see the registration page for full details on the process.

Please also read the associated rules and conditions carefully, before you apply, as you will be under obligation to follow them if you use the network.

How can I check how much traffic I am generating?

You can examine how much Internet traffic your computer has generated during the last day or week logging into the Registration Server. You will need to use your Raven ID and password to log in.

What sort of virus scanner should I use?

For your own protection, you should run an up to date anti-virus / anti-malware program.   You can download free anti-virus from the University, here.

Please see our Security Advice page for more information.

How do I read my e-mail?

The easiest way is to use the Exchange Online webmail interface.

See this guide for more comprehensive instructions on how to set up mail clients such as Outlook to receive your University e-mail.

How do I use VoIP?

Should you wish to use VoIP, we are recommending the use of Skype or Google Hangouts or Apple Facetime.

How do I reset a Raven/MCS password?

Visit the University password page to reset your password.

My question isn't answered here

If you have a question which is not covered here, please send us an e-mail and someone in the IT Office will try to help you.


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Page updated  27th June 2023