To register your device on our network, for either wired or RC-Wifi, turn off your Mobile Data and disconnect any VPNs, open your browser to our
Robinson College Computer Registration webpage or other webpage such as   

If you have a Raven account, choose the ‘Register my device with a Raven Account’ option or if you are a new student you can collect your CRSid and passwords by clicking on the link provided.  You will still have to register your device after collecting your password.

If you don’t have a Raven account please choose the ‘Register my device with an Email account’ option. 

After you have entered your Raven details or email address, please enter your personal details on this screen.   The House/Staircase and Room Number fields are not required fields.

The registration process should take 2-3 mins and you should hopefully be redirected to the Robinson College website once it has finished.   If you are not redirected to the Robinson College homepage, after 2-3 mins, please open a new window / tab in your browser and try going to an external website.  It can also help if you disconnect and reconnect to the wired internet or to the wifi, to obtain the registered IP address.   If you have to reregister each time you connect to the wifi, then your device is randomising it's MAC address.   You should check your RC-wifi network settings.

Location & Opening Hours

The Computer Office is located on Q Staircase and opening hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm (Closed 12:30pm - 1:30pm for lunch)

How do I setup eduroam on my device?

The instructions for setting up eduroam can be found on the University Information Service webpage, here.


Page updated 1st October 2020